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[READ HERE] Info on Staff Application

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1 [READ HERE] Info on Staff Application on Sat Sep 24, 2016 11:28 am


OldDays Conquer Staff Application

General information on staff
- OldDays Conquer Staff team is made up of 3 types of Staff - Moderator (MOD) Player Helper (PH), Game Master (GM)
- Moderator (MOD) Player Helper (PH) and Game Master (GM) are normal players who have volunteered to become Staff Members to assist other players and give them a good experience while playing on the server. PHs and GMs do not have special rights such as creating items or banning players!
- All Staff Members join the Staff Team as a Game Advisor. Depending on activity level and commitment, they may get promoted to PH or GM position.

Application Requirements
- Must be able to be login in-game at least 4-6hours a day.
- Proficient in English language (above average).
- Must be familiar with the basic features of the server and quests.

Application Form
This is the form which you have to complete to start 1. Create a New Thread in the Staff Applications section with the title "[MOD] Application: ". The form should be Copied and Pasted exactly as it is.

Your In-Game Information
- Main Character Name:
- Character Class:
- Guild

Personal Information
- Name:
- Age:
- Location
- Level of English:
- Other language you know:
- Occupation:

In-Game Experience
1. How long you've been playing Conquer Online?

2. How many hours do you usually spend playing ODConquer?

Personal Questions
1. Tell us about your self.

2. What is your good traits/characteristics that will help you to become a successful Player Helper.

Additional Questions
1. What is the reason why you want to become a Moderator?

2. How do you see the importance of a Moderator in ODConquer?

3. ODConquer is a growing community how can you handle different persons attitude and approach?

4. Why should we hire you as a Moderator?

5. As a Moderator what is your role in this server?

6. As a Moderator what can you contribute to help this server grow?

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